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Sintered Metal Solutions in Los Angeles, California

PSM Industries in Los Angeles, California, offers the finest sintered metal solutions to your manufacturing challenges.

Manufacturing Solutions
At PSM Industries, we do not just bang out parts. We orchestrate a solution that makes the best sense from an engineering point of view and ultimately is the most cost-effective. We pride ourselves in the ability to do the seemingly impossible. Here are just a few of the innovative solutions we have provided to our customers recently:

Impossible Solution #3224 – Request for Sporting Equipment Component
“Make us a part that supports the weight of sports gear on the road. The part must be strong, ductile, and corrosion-resistant. It's a complex shape, but we want an inexpensive solution. The part is important for a secure system that holds the user's critical gear.”

The Challenge
The customer already considered machining and investment casting, but neither process could deliver on all the specified requirements. Working closely with the customer, PSM Industries engineers designed and built production tools and first article samples to the customer's satisfaction. The samples worked and the part went into production.

PSM Industries is Challenged! PSM Industries Delivers!
PSM Industries designed and created a 316 stainless steel locking plate that meets the challenge of the wilderness. The P/M part is successful in production and in the field. The part won PSM the prestigious MPIF P/M Design Competition in the stainless steel category for 2000.
Impossible Solution #3211 – Request for Cellular Network Heat Sink
“Make us a high tolerance part for the cellular phone industry that will be used in a very demanding service environment. Its purpose is to dissipate heat from the main computer chip in antenna booster stations that drive the cellular network.”

The Challenge
PSM knew that aluminum die castings have been attempted, but lacked the thermal conductivity to be an effective heat remover. PSM also knew the part had been machined from high-conductivity copper, but the cost was prohibitive. Using the power of powdered metal technology, PSM Industries created a repeatable high-tolerance part from a high-conductivity material. The part is less than 10% of the cost of machining from bar stock.

PSM Delivers Again!
The new P/M heat sink meets and exceeds all expectations and is now in use worldwide. There are no field failures, and the part won PSM Industries the prestigious MPIF P/M Design Competition in the nonferrous category for 1999.

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