Sintered metal parts get their name from a powder metallurgy process known as sintering. This process presses powdered metal into a specific form, then applies heat to bond the metal particles within the designed part so it will hold its new shape. Sintering works with a variety of metals and alloys and can be used to create a broad range of metal part types.

At Pacific Sintered Metals, we specialize in advanced sintering processes that create strong, reliable metal parts from powdered metals. Keep reading to learn more about the metal sintering process and how it can benefit your application.

The Metal Sintering Process

8 Benefits of Using Sintered Metal Products

Powder metallurgy is the term for an array of processes used to create structural metal parts and components. The metal powders themselves are derived from raw metal materials. The material is converted to powder form through the atomization process.

The powder metallurgy process used to create metal products includes the sintering process. Sintering is the thermal process applied to the formed component. Once completing the sintering process, the metal particles are fused and the structural integrity on the part is achieved.

First, the manufacturer fills a mold or die with the desired powdered metal material at room temperature or in some cases the die is heated. The powder gets compacted at high pressure until it forms the desired design shape. The amount of pressure used will vary depending on the metal material and the required density of the final part.

Once this step reaches completion, the formed metal is removed from the mold or die and placed into a sintering furnace.The furnace temperature will depend on the material and density required. As a continuous thermal process, sintering is typically done in a belt conveyor, push, or batch furnace within a carefully controlled atmospheric environment.

The furnace heats the metal form to a specific temperature. The amount of time this takes will vary depending on the application in question, as well as the materials being used. As sintering occurs, the metal particles bond together to a create stronger and more rigid metal form. Some slight shrinkage may take place during this time, which designers must account for when creating the initial design.

The Benefits of Sintered Metal Products

Sintering can help organizations replace stamping, cutting, casting, and other metal fabrication processes with a more cost-effective alternative. Additional benefits of metal sintering include:

The Benefits of Sintered Metal Products

Sintered Metal Materials

Many different types of metals can be sintered to create a range of products that conform to a client's exact specifications. Powders can also be mixed to create unique and reliable alloys. Some common materials for sintered parts include:

Sintered Metal Product Applications

Sintered metal products have uses across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. Metal sintering is regularly used to create:

Sintered Metal Products from Pacific Sintered Metals

At Pacific Sintered Metals, we create high-complexity, high-precision parts and components utilized in a host of unique industry applications. Our capabilities include a variety of powder metal technologies to meet the most demanding applications. In house operations include pressing capability to 750 tons, powder metal forging, cold and warm compaction, metal injection molding, a variety of sintering capabilities, and many secondary and assembly operations to provide turn-key processing. The range of materials and densities produced are suitable for most applications. 

Since we originally opened our doors in 1956, our core vision has remained the same. We want to offer the widest range of metal fabrication solutions available through powder metallurgy technology. PSM has grown to become a global leader in powdered metal fabrication processes, operating seven divisions dedicated to the production of precision-engineered powdered metal parts. Our team understands every relevant powder metallurgy technology and process, how to leverage them to provide optimized solutions for our customers.

To see how our expertise in metal sintering and other powder metallurgy processes can benefit your next project, please contact us or request a quote today. One of our experienced representatives will reach out to you as soon as possible.