PM Krupp is a Manufacturer of Tool and High Speed Steel Parts Used in a Variety of Industrial Applications

Parts include bits, cutters, chasers, knives and machine tool blanks from a wide range of alloys.

PM Krupp is a company that is using Powder Metallurgy technologies to create engineered materials for applications requiring extreme wear resistance and toughness. The drive is to use conventional Powder Metallurgy tooling to capture net or near net shapes in materials that previously were machined from wrought products. By capturing more net shape the number of costly secondary machining operations is reduced which, in turn, translates to lower manufacturing costs.

This principle is applied at the PM Krupp division using a proprietary sintering process to manufacture a line of fully dense high speed steels, in complex net shapes with available hardnesses up to HRC 67. Hot work and shock resistant grades are used for machining plastic, wood and metal.