Custom Titanium Parts and Components -
High Wear Resistance and Lightweight

Superhard rounded titanium carbide grains impart high wear resistance and outstanding lubricity. These smooth, rounded grains are held firmly in place by steel or alloy matrix binders; each specically formulated to provide such properties as toughness, resistance to heat, corrosion or other hostile environments. The Tic grains provide light weight, size stability and high hardness.

Ferro-TiC® is less brittle and one half the weight of cemented tungsten carbide. Ultra-hard titanium carbide micrograins (3200 Vickers vs. 2400 for tungsten carbide) are uniformly distributed throughout a hardenable matrix alloy.

A two-fold complementary effect is achieved whereby the hard, round titanium carbide grains protect the matrix while the specially formulated matrix securely grips the self-lubricating titanium carbide micrograins. The result: greatly improved life, even when used with highly abrasive materials.

Feed Screws, Ski Edging Rolls, Paper Cup Curling Rolls