What is Tungsten Carbide

Advantages of Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide (WC) is called by some to be the hardest metal but it is actually a metal matrix composite. With a hardness that is measured on the Rockwell "A" scale up to 94 and with a compressive yield strength greater than steel it is ideally suited for applications of extreme wear and abrasion resistance. This makes it ideal for metal and wood working applications such as Drill Bushings, Punches, Dies and Cutting Tools. These same characteristics provide superior service for applications like slitting, crushing, pulverizing and pelletizing. With a density of up to 15.0 G/CM it also has applications in Military, Mining/Construction, Oil/Gas refining and sporting goods.


Why Yillik?

Carbide Direct From A Tungsten Carbide Manufacturer

Top 20 reasons to contact us for all of your carbide manufacturing needs.

  1. CARBIDE BUSHINGS: Best selection of carbide bushings for all types of industrial use.
  2. CARBIDE DRILL BUSHINGS: Largest inventory of ANSI Standard Carbide Drill Bushings used as drill, reamer and tap guides.
  3. CARBIDE: All shapes and forms of precision carbide direct from the manufacturer.durable-carbide-parts.jpg
  4. CARBIDE SEAL RINGS: Seal faces for the pump and fluid transmission industry.
  5. CARBIDE NOZZLES: All types of carbide spray tip nozzles and sand blast nozzles direct from the manufacturer.
  6. CARBIDE SIZING DIES: Precision sizing dies for sizing brass and all forms of mild steel.
  7. CARBIDE GUIDES: Precision guides for the wire , textile and glass industries.
  8. CARBIDE ROLLERS: Custom carbide rollers for all industrial applications.
  9. CARBIDE MOLD TOOLING: Custom carbide forms and mold inserts and liners for all molding applications.
  10. CARBIDE TEXTILE GUIDES: High precision ultra smooth carbide guides for the textile and fabric industry
  11. CARBIDE BEARINGS: high precision custom bearings, thrust washers, and journals.
  12. CARBIDE DIES: Made to order carbide dies for all industrial applications.
  13. CARBIDE PREFORMS:All shapes, forms and grades of carbide ready for fabrication and quantities of 1 to 1 million.
  14. CARBIDE BALLS: All sizes of ultra precision carbide balls for tooling, inspection and production use.
  15. CARBIDE PUNCHES: Custom round carbide punches made to order.
  16. CARBIDE PINS: All sizes of carbide pins for industrial uses.
  17. CARBIDE WIRE GUIDES: Made to order carbide wire guides for the wire industry.
  18. CARBIDE TUBING: Hard to get sizes of carbide tubing, small to large diameters.
  19. CARBIDE WEAR STRIPS: All shapes and sizes of carbide wear strip applications.
  20. CARBIDE PRODUCTS: All types of carbide in all grades and sizes manufactured at our own sintering plant.
    We control all aspects of the carbide manufacturing process and delivery, always on time and as ordered.