Stainless steel food service assembly line

One in six Americans gets sick from food contamination. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), about $17.6 billion in health care costs are attributed to foodborne illnesses in the US every year. It raises public health concerns and makes it necessary to ensure food safety. Using stainless steel equipment is the best way to stay safe from foodborne illnesses.

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Features and Types of Stainless Steel For the Food Service Industry

What criteria should you use to select the best grade of stainless steel in a commercial kitchen? All the available alternatives nowadays make it difficult to make a decision. To assist you in choosing the type of stainless steel most suitable for your needs, we've included examples of a few of the most common types and features.

Three Main Types Of Stainless Steel In Commercial Kitchens

  • Type 304 is the most common type of stainless steel. It is also known as 18/8 because it contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This type of stainless steel is very durable and resistant to corrosion. 
  • Type 316 is another common type of stainless steel. It contains 16% chromium, 10% nickel and 2% molybdenum. This type of stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion than Type 304, making it a good choice for kitchens exposed to salt air or other corrosive environments. 
  • Type 430 is a type of stainless steel that contains less chromium than Type 304 or Type 316. As a result, it is not as resistant to corrosion. However, it is still durable and easy to clean.

When choosing stainless steel for your kitchen, you must consider the finish. The three most common finishes are bright, annealed, brushed, and mirrored.

  • Bright annealed stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain. However, it is more susceptible to fingerprints and smudges. 
  • Brushed stainless steel is less likely to show fingerprints and smudges. However, it may be more challenging to clean. 
  • Mirrored stainless steel is easy to clean and resistant to smudges and fingerprints. However, it is more susceptible to scratches.

Consider your kitchen's intended use and specific needs when choosing stainless steel. If you are looking for a durable and easy-to-clean option, then Type 304 or Type 316 stainless steel is a good choice.

Benefits of Stainless Steel In the Food Service Industry

There are many reasons why stainless steel is the material of choice for commercial kitchens and food service applications. Industrial kitchen utensils made from stainless steel offer many features and benefits that make them the best choice for many applications. Here's a closer look at why stainless steel is such a popular choice in food service:

Strength and Durability

It is no secret that stainless steel is one of the most durable materials available. The material can withstand high temperatures, repeated usage, and harsh chemicals. Its strength and durability make it suitable to be used in industrial kitchen utensils that see a lot of wear and tear over long periods.

Easy to Clean                    

Due to the low porosity nature of stainless steel, which typically has 5-10% interconnected porosity, it does not absorb bacteria from the environment. This makes it easy to clean and sanitize. In addition, it is also resistant to corrosion, so it will not rust or stain over time.


In the food service industry, stainless steel can be used safely as a material due to its high corrosion resistance. There is no chemical leaching into food due to its non-toxic nature. Aside from that, it's hypoallergenic, so you're unlikely to get an allergic reaction to it.


The food service industry uses stainless steel in many different applications. A stainless steel kitchen utensil is by far the best out of the many metals available on the market today when it comes to kitchen utensils. Additionally, they use the materials for countertops, sinks, and storage containers. Aside from this, it is also helpful for food preparation, like cutting boards, mixing bowls, and other items.


The fact that stainless steel is a highly cost-effective material for the food service industry makes it an ideal choice. It is durable, so you will not have to replace it as often as you need with other materials. In addition, it's easy to maintain and clean, so you'll be able to save a lot of money on cleaning costs in the long run by using it.

What We Can Do For You: BestMetal of PSM Industries

BestMetal has been providing custom-engineered metal parts and components with a competitive advantage for over 30 years by operating a fully integrated manufacturing facility that can provide parts or near net shape using powdered metal technology.

It is made up of the following materials:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Low Alloy Steel 

BestMetal has many applications, including food processing, restaurant equipment, valves, gears, and sprockets. It has no taste or odor, and it is non-toxic. The metal also possesses high corrosion resistance when exposed to acidic and alkaline conditions.

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With seven divisions throughout the US, PSM Industries specializes in High-Performance PM, Metal Injection Molding, High Wear Carbides, and Engineered Plastics. Get the following benefits by taking advantage of our offer:

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Switch To Stainless Steel Now

PSM Industries is an industry-leading maker of metal food service items. Our products are composed of high-quality materials that can endure the rigors of industrial kitchens.

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