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It's been a very positive summer for Pacific. We have won another P/M Part-of-the-Year competition, we improved Pacific with our intensified efforts with lean manufacturing and finally, with the acquisitions of Superwear Technology and P/M Krupp Technologies we are adding a wide array of materials and process technologies to better serve you. 

Superwear has added 11 new fully dense titanium carbide wear materials that you can consider for your most demanding wear applications. Titanium carbide is a material that has higher hardness and offers a much lower coefficient of friction than tungsten carbide. This material is also very unique due to its toughness and ability to be machined in the annealed state.

P/M Krupp has added 10 new fully dense materials to Pacific's current line of M2, T15 and D2 high speed and tool steels. The new Pacific lineup will include 17-4PH and 440C stainless steels, M4, M35, M42 and T42 high-speed steels. We will also now produce a low alloy steel and a high carbon steel, which are fully dense

Additionally, the P/M Krupp acquisition adds five years of development efforts and customer base for our PolyAlloys metal injection molding division. We welcome you to see some of the new and interesting components that we can mold as a result. Perhaps this will give you some ideas for that difficult-to-engineer component that you have been developing.

I am very pleased with the changes that we are making at Pacific in regard to Lean Manufacturing. I feel that this is having a dramatic and positive effect on our business. It is making us a stronger partner for you now and in the future. I can see that manufacturing is changing and restructuring on a worldwide basis. We intend to stay ahead of these changes in such a way that we can enhance the value that we offer to you.

If you are a current customer, we appreciate your business. If you are a potential customer, come see us and find out what we can do for you -- I think that you would be positively surprised. Also, note that P/M technology has changed dramatically over the last decade. It is time to give us a second look. We have worked hard to expand our capabilities. It may be that the expensive parts that you are casting or machining would offer you a better value proposition if we were producing it. Give us a chance to look at it and meet with your engineers. I think that you would be pleased with the outcome.